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sodium chloride and acetlysisteine back ordered and unavailable

I have been out of two of my most needed nebulized medicines. Apparently there is a shortage of both of these and getting them from my pharmacy has been a nightmare. I have been waiting for a few days and still no meds. I don't know what i am going to do . I ve called a few pharmacies and they all have given me the same answer they are all back ordered , And they haven't a clue as to when these meds will come in. Shortages and delivery issues. I am just hoping that i will be okay since these meds keep my lungs clear the best they can . I am doing okay but, I dont know for how long.

  1. Oh no, ! I can definitely understand your fear and stress in this situation. If I were you, I would continue calling the pharmacy to remind them how important this medication is for you. Fingers crossed that they receive it soon and you no longer need to stress about it. Take care, Sarah, Team Member

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