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Trikafta? Need better I formation and diet for cystic fibrosis!

Hope to hear back!

  1. are you currently on Trikafta? When you ask about diet, are you referring to the amount of fat you need to consume for each dose you take? Or, instead, are you referring to weight management once your nutrition absorption improves due to Trikafta?

    1. Hi , Thanks for participating in our CF forum! Hopefully, a few of our community members will chime in soon to share their thoughts. Hope you're doing well! Best, Sarah, Team Member

      1. Hi @hannala3,
        What type of information would be helpful? If you are taking about fat content and taking Trikafta, I believe the general idea is to eat a fatty food like peanut butter or dairy around containing around 10g of fat with Trikafta. And of course, take your enzymes as well. Warmly, Janeil Team Member

        1. @CommunityMember3162ec I take 2 with meals 1 with snacks.

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