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Cf chat groups

I wish there was a cf chat group where cf people can chat with each other and make cf friends if they wanted to. Especially since they aren't supposed to be so close together in person. And we could give each other advice and stuff. It would be nice. Idk. But there should be.

  1. A CF chat sounds great so we can support each in this challenging journey.

    1. I agree. I am scared of all the tests I have on Sept 18th, 2023

    2. What type of tests ? Are they for transplant eval. ? Because I was scared of those to, and still have some left to still take.

  2. There used to be one YEARS ago in line. I say bring it back. I wonder how. Like a CF page on FB or Twitter?

    1. that would be so cool. Maybe I can start one. That's a cool idea. Thank you, I wish there was an website devoted to it though still yet. 🙂

  3. Hi! I've just found and joined this forum. I was also looking for the same like a Twitter CF community since I have experience of being in one but for a fandom. I'd really like to chat with others on this journey ☺️

    1. I would love that. My Bronchiectasis is getting worse, and I have a sweat Test, CcT scan, and other tests. Can someone answer questions?

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