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CF osteoprosis

Hello, so does anyone else find it so hard to keep your back straight. It's so hard for me because it's so tiring and take so much energy to keep it straight all the time and I am developing a hunch now and have been since I was thirteen. It's embarrassing and painful and I know it's not good for my lungs. What do I do? I hate cyphosis. Thank you.

  1. Yes. Hi my twin lol.

    1. lol hi sissy! I'm sorry you feel the same way!❤️

    2. you get it you understand !

  2. OMG I thought I was the only one felt that way! Between my breathlessness and fatigue, it's just so hard to sit straight and then I end up with back pains or a stiff back the next day. However doing yoga for the back helps ease the stiffness

    1. yep! It's so hard to keep my back straight to it hurts sometimes to straighten it and I don't have enough energy to keep it straight. I had my bone density scan done and it said my bones were negative four our something like that.

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