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Does anyone remember Sammi's Story by Philippa Manning, 1993!?

I am a final year Sociology student with Cystic fibrosis. For one of my modules I am creating a documentary about my experience with CF. I was hoping to include aspects of how I came to understand my CF and how I expected my life to be. For me, my knowledge of CF came through an informative film called 'Sammi's Story' by Philippa Manning, 1993. This video was given to my parents when I was diagnosed in 1999. Did anyone else receive this same video? I am hoping to find a copy as I have no idea what happened to mine. I would be SO grateful for anyone's help 😀

  1. Hi , Wow! Thank you for sharing, it's crazy to think that you and your family learned about CF by watching a documentary. Oh, how times have changed! I am curious if any of our community members have seen this. I'll be sure to post this on our homepage. Best of luck finding a copy. I hope you're doing well. Best, Sarah, Team Member

    1. , did a google search and saw that this film was made in the UK. This link is for the British University Film & Video Council. It includes a phone #. Hopefully, they can help you.

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