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Exposure to other CF individuals

My grandson has CF and his mother has started dating someone new. Her boyfriends little brother has CF, and the two are around each other at least every few weeks. I am not aware how closely, but I’m concerned about them being so close. My grandson is a baby. I’ve researched and read so much, I just don’t know how to best handle this situation.

  1. Hi! 😀 I have a toddler with CF. It is true that people with CF should not be within six feet of each other because of the risk of exposure to germs people with CF can carry and transmit, especially if either one of them has a cough. Have you been able to speak with your daughter about it at all? Is she aware of the six feet apart rule? If not, perhaps you could just mention it in question form to her such as "I'm curious about the six feet apart rule with kids and CF, what do you know about it?" And go from there? You are a wonderful grandmother! Best Regards, Holly a moderator

    1. she is aware of the six-feet. I feel like she’s not majorly or overly concerned by it at all. Which makes me very upset. Everyone is healthy so far. Thankfully.

  2. I totally understand your concern. I'm sure you are in a difficult position. The six feet apart rule for kids with CF is really important. It's difficult to approach conversations like that with your daughter, I can imagine. My own mom as voiced some concerns to me before, after doing her own research into CF. One of the most helpful ways she has approached those conversations with me is by saying "I still have so much to learn, but I am concerned about this xyz. What has her doctor said about that?" Or she has mentioned that she has read articles here on this website about certain topics before and asked if I would read them too and let her know what I think about it. I dont know if any of that is helpful, but please know I totally understand your concern and I am hoping this helps in some way!

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