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Let's Talk Food!

Food is an essential part of life, but it can be a complicated subject when you have CF. What foods do you or your loved one eat most to get the nutrients and calories you need? What feelings do you have about food in general?

  1. I like peanut butter because its high in calories and protein, but also delicious and so versatile. Also, all the cheese. I think eating and enjoying food is wonderful when you have a good appetite. However, when you are constantly being pressure to eat and gain weight, eating can feel like a chore. Warmly, Janeil ( Team Member)

    1. Idk since I am currwntly trying not to eat certain foods because I think that certain foods may cause inflammation and that can cause hemoptysis which can be extremely bad. I mainly try to eat fresh whole foods and stay away from fried and ultra processed and preservatives and salt and oils and especially sugar as much as possible. Although I have trouble with wanting to taste and eat certain foods that fall under that which right now is sorbet and potato salad and fried potatoes. But I will keep working on it.

      1. Whole foods are definitely a great go-to. Do you find you are able to get enough of the calories you need since making the dietary changes? -A fellow potato lover, Corene (team member)

      2. I can eat two bags of grapes lol and three containers of black berries very easily lol. And mashed potatoes with gravy.

    2. Hello @ I try hard to but honestly I am not where my doctor wants me at. I am currently still working on getting evaluated for getting on the lung transplant list and so is my twin sister. I love the taste of fruit. But I have trouble with fried food and some convenient foods, like ready made , because I think it triggers my inflammation sometimes. I am currently 86 or less pounds last I checked a few months ago. My doctor wants me to be around 90 something. I use duocal sometimes to try to help, and I also drink whole milk. Thank you for asking. (Smile emoji ) would you know of any good ideas preferably veggy or fruit wise to help me further gain weight? I have trouble eating also because I get full fast when I get to full I have trouble breathing.

      1. hello yes I have taken it before, it sort of lost it's strength on my appetite though. It's difficult.

      2. I taken it for about four years, it works great for the first year or two but I noticed the decline. It does make you hungry but not like starving hungry just like gives you a thought like "I would like to taste that." Or " I'm not completely full yet." Sort of thing. I did not notice any adverse reactions exactly, but I know it is an allergy pill as well.

    3. I eat fruits, vegetables and lean meats. I love a good soup with lots of vegetables.

      1. yummy that sounds good. I like soup to, my favorite is home-made beef stew, it's beef stew meat rolled in flour and seasonings, then boiled and then add in carrots chopped onions and celery and potatoes boiled, then add ketchup and black pepper and Westchester sauce.

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