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Muscle aches & weakness

Just wondering if anyone here , experiences very painful and sore muscles, I have been having alot of muscle pain in my shoulders, and sides especially My shoulde blades are the worst , My neck muscles are so tight. Heat works, but when I recieved some massage threrapy on my shoulder blades, I couldn't believe the pain from the knots. His use of massage techniques actually relieved my pain . I was also told to use a thing called a therapy cane. Which I cant wait to get. Anything to relieve the aches and pains of having CF

  1. Do you do a massage?

    1. Not sure about back and shoulder pain, but I have always had terrible joint pain with my knees and my pediatric pulmonologist told me yesrs ago that there is Cystic Fibrosis related Arthritis.

    2. It mentions to take ibuprofen yet ibuprofen can cause breathing problems especially in asthmatic suffers along with CF. Just putting it out their considering I was taking that years and my dr professor told me how it can effect your breathing.

      1. Yes i sure do suffer from pain literally all over my body at time im just left in bed rolling in pain unable to anything not even move, they dont know what is causing it with me though, im actually on Buprenorphine patches they do work but i still get pain i really do recommend it

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