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PICC Line or Port?

Do you have a PICC line or a port? Why did you make this choice? Would you change your decision?

  1. I have a port and it's the best thing ever. I am able to access it myself which make it so easy to care for and fit into my everyday life when I am on IVs at home. I would never go back to PICC lines again because they are so inconvenient.I highly recommend a port if you are someone who needs IVs frequently.

    1. I have a port and it is the best decision i have ever made. Due to small and deep veins regular Iv's fail, and after numerous times of having to put up with constant pokes, My Doctor's made the wise choice of a port, It has been a god send. And it's less painful than being stabbed multiple times. You can do everything with a port. Lab tests , CTs < MRI. I highly reccomend it you wont regret it. And as someone else who is constantly on IV antibiotics , I sure like being home instead of the hospital doing them myself.

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