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Hi everyone, I have a beautiful 3 year old boy who as contracted this pseudomanas we started nebulized antibiotics in June and we finished them in September 4 weeks after finishing nebs he as it again 4 weeks after finishing nebs he is in nursery but I'm just not sure how he getting it I've always been cautious about things because of c.f and tried to prevent him getting ill I'm just hoping we have caught it straight away and as not done any serious damage any advice regards

  1. I understand your concern. While we are waiting for others to chime in, I'm sharing this article by Meagan, one of our advocates who has a young daughter with cf, Perhaps there's something in the article that can help you pinpoint the problem. You can also find other articles on pseudomanas by using the search section on our web site. Warmly, Lynne (team member)

    1. I am very sorry to hear about your son. I also have psuedomonas unfortuantely psuedo can be picked up from anywhere. In most people who have strong immune systems it does not affect them, but for people like us we are magnets. I just keep up with what you are doing. this is a very difficult bacteria to get rid of . I am taking a few antibiotics. and it seems inefective at stopping the colonized bacteria that are in my lungs. I wish you & your son the best

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