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screening for colon cancer

Patients above the age of 40 have a 5 to 10 times higher risk for colon cancer. Screening every 5 years?.......

  1. I mean to ask you guys, if you have any experience with screening for colon cancer every 5 years....I live in the Netherlands and just got a call from my doctor if i wanted a colonoscopy because of my higher risk....i am 48 years old. They want to start screening older patients from now on. They never did before and i never knew about the higher risk. Neither does our dutch organization for cf patients. I don't know any patients with colon cancer....I do know about the higher risk for transplant patients.
    How familiar are you guys with this. Please forgive my bad english....

    1. Hello @askatgras,
      Welcome! That's a great question. Over the last couple years in the US, the CF Foundation has updated their screening for colon cancer. Now at 40, it is recommended to get a colonoscopy. Here's an article more information about the risk of colon cancer: Thanks so much for being a part of this community! Warmly, Janeil Team Member

  2. Thanks so much. So very helpfull. Never knew about this. We are sometimes a bit behind in the netherlands concerning developments.👍

    1. You're welcome, @askatgras! I hope the information helps you moving forward with the screening. I believe the risk of correlation between colon cancer and CF is a relatively new finding. Stay healthy! Warmly, Janeil Team Member

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