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The Challenges of Managing CF

Managing cystic fibrosis can often require hours of treatment each day, hospital visits, etc. It's extremely challenging to manage CF, even when you're feeling well. Share any tips you have on managing CF in this thread!

  1. Very true. Managing CF is a challenge. I try to get relief by following a healthier lifestyle. I would say the herbal diet has really helped me to deal with CF much better. I have been following for some great herbal recipes and remedies. This is really helpful

    1. Thanks for sharing! However, due to our community rules, do you mind removing the URL since we don't allow any solicitation on our site. Mostly, for the health & safety of our community members. Regardless, I'm so glad you've found something that's been helpful for you. I hope you and your loved one are doing well. Best, Sarah, Team Member

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