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What has been your proudest moment as a caregiver to a CF warrior?

  1. My proudest moment as a caregiver to my little CF warrior, this may seem small but she made it safe and healthy to her first ever picture day at pre school. Small things like this that may seem silly to some are major to me. She posed with her CF bear and all! She smiled so big, I was in tears when I got her order form. These little moments mean the absolute world to me!

    1. Thank you for sharing! This is such a sweet story and not a small thing at all. That picture must be so special to you. Hugs, Corene ( Team Member)

    2. @mamahunt5,
      This is very sweet. I am a mom with CF and I felt similarly when my son started preschool last year. I was so proud of him, yet so sad he was growing up. Those little milestones feel differently with CF. Thank you for sharing! Warmly,
      Janeil ( Team Member)

  2. My proudest moment is each time my little warrior learns something new in managing his own health. He's 5 and we celebrate the small things: turning on his own machine, getting his treatments started on his own, grabbing his own Creon before each meal, naming one of his medicines. I'm so proud of how far he/we have come in this CF journey!

    1. I love this! I remember my CF doctor always said transitioning into adulthood with CF starts day 1. All those tiny stepping stones of independence will be worth it in the end. Way to go, mama! Warmly, Janeil ( Team Member)

  3. How do I pick my proudest moment? Was it the day that he ran his first cross country race or the day he won the citizenship scholarship? It may have been the first night that he stayed at the hospital overnight by himself or it could have been the morning after he woke up from have a liver transplant and was insisting to his doctors that he wanted to get up and move so his recovery was shorter. Or the day he found out that all his fund raising efforts to pay it forward for the Make-a-wish foundation granted 6 kids their wishes. It could have been the day that we watched the sunrise on top of Cadillac mountain in Maine. When he started his “wish” to drive cross country and see all the national parks and the see the sunset on the west coast. His lung function was at 16% and he was on oxygen but wanted to do this bucket list item before he started the lung transplant process. Watching him drive off wearing oxygen, his medications organized and his vest in his front seat. I don’t know how to pick one moment that I was the proudest of him because he has always made me proud!

    1. what an amazing, selfless son you have! Kudos to you, mom, for letting him live his life to the fullest, (as moms, we never stop worrying!) Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story. -Lynne (team member)

  4. My proudest moment as a caregiver? There have been so many over the years...
    But if I have to pick one it would be when my now 20 year old granddaughter was five. She had a lung removed. The incisions took up half of her tiny body. But she fought bravely through the pain to get up and walk when they asked her too. She was brave and strong and was so very tiny.

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