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I have CF and am pregnant

Let’s share our experiences that can be uniquely nuanced because of managing CF and also new symptoms and changes with pregnancy.

  1. Hi @kaylah, Great prompt! I have a 3-year-old son which I carried and I am also 20 weeks pregnant with baby #2. I am still learning that each CF pregnancy is so different. My lungs and weight have been challenges this time around compared to my son. Have you been pregnant before? What are you thoughts? Warmly, Janeil Team Member

    1. I am in my first pregnancy at 11 weeks. It was a complete surprise as we’ve been trying 10yrs and I have PCOS and Endometriosis. I’ve been experiencing shortness of breath despite being consistent with treatments and minimal congestion as I’m on Trikafta as well. Just wondering if this is normal. Additionally my blood glucose levels seem to crash easily.

  2. , Congratulations!!! That is so very exciting! In my experience, shortness of breath is common in the first trimester because of the increase in hormones. It should get better in a couple weeks and then again tougher when your belly gets bigger. I was also short of breath early on this time around. Obviously make sure you check with your doctor to rule out a CF exacerbation just to be on the safe side.

    Crazy blood sugar lows (and highs) are also normal, unfortunately. The baby is taking glucose from you and so lows are really common. Keep a snack or juice on you at all times! Do you have CFRD? Your OB should keep a watchful eye on your blood sugars and help you adjust insulin if you take it. Pregnancy and diabetes is wild ride! I hope you have a wonderfully happy and healthy pregnancy!! Warmly, Janeil Team Member

    1. getting closer to the second trimester (yay!) and blood sugars are more stable now. I also had a helpful dietitian consult on my CF team to adjust protein/fat/carb ratios to help.

    2. also, it did turn out I had a minor pulmonary exacerbation. I was surprised! Also have not been struggling with fatigue or nausea as much either after taking an antibiotic and IPV treatments (which have been much more effective for me than Vest).

  3. Hi , So glad to hear your are feeling better! It can be tough to tell what's pregnancy and what's CF--or both! I hope you feel back to yourself in the second trimester. My blood sugars have gotten better into the second trimester as well. It's always changing! Warmly, Janeil, Team Member

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