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India lacks facilities , I'd like help

Hi everyone,  this is my first time writing on a community forum. I'm vandana , from india. 18 and diagnosed with CF 6ish years ago. I lost my brother to CF , who was 22 and that has made me extremely paranoid. 
My family can't afford the huge treatment costs and India hasn't opened upto trikafta or the various other treatment drugs as of now. I look forward to meet relatable people here and for moral support or any kind of guidance that you can give me. 
Thank you 

  1. Hi , first off, welcome to our community all the way from India! We are so happy you are part of this community. I am so sorry to hear about your brother and understand you feeling paranoid or worried in general about CF. That is completely understandable and normal to feel this way.

    You've come to the right place – we are here to offer our support and I hope you can connect with other CFers in this community as well. I recommend checking out this article,, which offers ways to meet other people in this community.

    Looking forward to hearing from you sometime soon. Best wishes, Sarah, Team Member

    1. Hey , thank you. Will do

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