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Texting buddies CF pals

Anyone interested in staying connected and becoming friends over time sharing stories and just been a great support for one another and if and when give advice if ever needed. If anyone is interested I'm on numerous of social platforms including FB / what's app. Many thanks 🙏 xxx

  1. My daughter needs to connect with a fellow cf patient. I'm going to help her set up Facebook. I'm Kristen Jones.

    1. Hi! I was sort of interested in talking with someone with cf as well. I have a twin sister who has cf as well. We both have had our cf experiences. And would love to be able to be helpful to any parent of or patient with cf through whatever . Also, if you just want to talk, I have had my share of school bullies. So I know what it's like. You message me on here anytime you would like of you want. Thank you. ✝️❤️✌️

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