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Trikafta (Kaftrio) causing Bad Memory Loss?

Hi, I have been on Trikafta from June 2021.

My lung function has went up 20%, and I generally feel a lot better. However my memory is starting to get really affected. I’m forgetting having conversations with people, agreeing on meeting up, and forgetting how to get to places while driving. It’s really getting to me now as I feel so stupid when I just can’t remember.

Has anyone else experienced bad memory loss?

If so did you stop Trikafta or lower the dose and did it help?

  1. Hi @Ruth! I'm so glad to hear that Trikafta has helped your overall health; that's unfortunate that it's affecting your memory, though. Have you tried asking your CF team about it? Memory loss isn't something that I have heard of being a side-effect of Trikafta, but every individual's response to medications is different. I hope your doctors can shed some light on this. -Moriah Frisbie (Team member)

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