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Hospital admissions & fed up

Is there any coping strategies people use whilst in a state of depression due to our CF bringing us down I mean I have my good days and laugh and just try enjoy life but soon as my CF is trying to get the better of me and I'm having to go in hospital I'm sad upset and just really unhappy I'm definitely fed up of hospitals now

  1. I normally bring my favorite warm blankets, pajamas and socks cos it get cold in wards there blankets are thin af, word searches, watch a movie on my phone or ipad, listen to music loud in your headphones so you can hear the machines and people talk to loud etc i hope this helped a little

    1. thank you huni appreciate this lots and IL definitely keep this in mind 🙂

  2. I always make my room feel homie. From blankets to pillows, stuffed animals, arts and crafts. Even bring my everyday stuff with me. I make it known that I’m gonna be there awhile and I’m bringing my everyday stuff with me to make it feel like a normal day a home just with Nurses Doctors and IVs. I’ll even order groceries for my fridge that’s in my room. Do or bring the stuff with you that allows you to still have that independents you have a home. I always thought I was bringing to much stuff but it had honestly helped my mentality.

    1. that sounds a good idea thank you very much for sharing that with me 🙂 I'll try this one x

    2. thank you huni appreciate it xx

  3. So many in our community are struggling with the same thing. Please speak to your cf care team, they can put you in touch with a social worker who can help. In the meantime, if you type “depression” in the search bar on our site, you will find quite a few articles and stories from our patient leaders. Some share their strategies for coping. Glad you reached out. Know we are always here. Warmly, Lynne (team member)

    1. thank you Lynne yes I'll try this 😊 xx

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