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Sweat test result

Hello guys,im new here and i would like to ask a question that really stresses me out! My little boy had a sweat test and the value was 9.36 my question is,when i read guidelines online it says that lower limit of detection must be 10 !! So what does it mean a value of 9.36 is it not valid? Was something wrong with the test? Excuse my english and grammar im not english speaking..i would appreciate knowledge from someone who knows. TIA

  1. Hi Mamabear! I know these types of tests can be confusing and overwhelming. How old is your little one? I am not sure if you have seen it already, but we have an article on screenings, including sweat tests, here:
    Depending on age, it looks like anything under 30 mmol/L means that cystic fibrosis is not likely. Hope this helps! Best, Corene (Team member)

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