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Transplant tests I NEED TO TALK with someone who understands.

Long story short as I can make it. Our first transplant facility's surgeon left, so we got sent to another states transplant facility. And at that appointment, they discussed about the tests that need and the requirements. My BMI is 14, which is better then three months ago at 12.3, but still he said he wants it to be about 16. And that he said he feels is impossible by just eating and drinking calories, he felt it was time for a gtube placement. However, I literally am eating every hour on the hour something here and there and it's messing up my stumache awful. I'm getting so depressed now I don't want to eat or get up to do anything. Also he said we need to do a heart Cath test to see what the pressures are in our hearts. And he said a lot of other tests need to be done. I'm just depressed and distraught. I wanted the transplant. But I don't want a COVID shot which is a requirement also. So many problems. I'm sorry I guess I'm accedently venting alittle. Okay , my question is have anyone has a hearth Cath test done and did it hurt your port a cath? And what would you do? πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ˜” Thank you.

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